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A new Dutch Champion: Bob Feis!

For the third time a guest at De Goudse Spellendag! Played at five tables. Like every year Frank took care of the draw, from whom ... We started: Sjaak vs Niels, Matthijs vs. Chaja, Babette vs Semna, Bob vs Martijn, Eli vs Mara.

Results Qualifying round 1: Niels 45- Sjaak 37, Chaja 48 vs. Matthijs 35, Babette 42 vs Semna 39, Bob 47 vs Martijn 45, Eli 45 vs Mara 34. Result Qualifying round 2: Sjaak 41-Chaja32, Babette 38- Bob 22, Eli Zegwaard 50-Niels 42, Matthijs 32-Semna 30, Martijn 44-Mara 29. Ranking after qualifying: 1 & 2) Eli & Babette with both won and a positive goal balance of 19. 3) Martijn with 1 won and a positive balance of 13, 4) Chaja 1 won +4, 5) Sjaak 1 won +1, 6) Niels 1 won +0, 7) Matthijs 1 won, -11 and Bob 1 won -14. These were the 8 who qualified for the finals. And that meant that Semna, the Dutch Champion of 2016, unfortunately did not qualify!

The quarterfinal: Bob 38 - Eli 35, Niels 47 - Martijn 35, Matthijs 39 - Babette 32, Chaja 28 - Sjaak 27. In the semi-finals, Bob beat 47-Niels 45 & Matthijs 46-Chaja 38. This means the consolation final the third place between Chaja 39 - Niels 37. Chaja becomes 3rd for the second year in a row !! And the author does not reach the top 3. The Final eventually goes between Bob and Matthijs and ... Bob wins with 48-47. How close !!! And with that Bob becomes the third Dutch Champion Rifugio and wins the unique silver play set made by goldsmith Kirsten de Bruijn. Bob congratulations !!

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