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6th National Championship Rifugio. 1st time at SpellenSpektakel. With 14 participants (every table taken). Among them: Martijn van der Ven (winner rifugio tournament #16) and Sjaak Zegwaard (National Champion Rifugio 2018). Both gentlemen made it through tot the top 3, but it was Alon Nir who may now call himself the new Dutch National Champion Rifugio. Congratulations Alon!!

Q1: Sjaak-Kelvin (49-31), Xander-Alia (26-25), Floortje-Andries (30-29), Martijn-Kevin (49-33), Alon-Gertjan (39-23), Merel-Alwin (32-31), Remco-Samantha (33-21). Q2: Alon-Kelvin (32-26), Xander-Sjaak (41-40), Andries-Alia (41-29), Martijn-Floortje (35-32), Gertjan-Kevin (33-32). 

QF: Alon-Andries (32-29), Xander-Alia (34-30), Martijn-Floortje (36-35), Sjaak-Kelvin (38-33). 

SF: Alon-Xander (27-15), Sjaak-Martijn (41-37)

F: Alon-Sjaak (44-41)

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