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Matthijs van Maltha to win Rifugio Tournament #29

Q1: Sjaak49-liselotte40, frank32-charlotte18, laura28-alain25, hayatt32-gary20, matthijs40-alia28, wilfred37-cindy33, eli61-thom39, emma44-rhode40, bob24-safa23, marc45-ton44, jesse48-roos42.

Q2: jesse40-safa35, sjaak35-bob32 (NK2018vsNK2017), charlotte38-marc35, alain49-emma39, hayatt25-thom23, cindy40-alia37, wilfred49-matthijs46, eli42-gary25, laura44-rhode43, ton42-frank35, liselotte48-roos47.

Results Quali: eli2(+40), hayatt2(+14), sjaak en jesse 2(+11), wilfred2(+7), laura2(+4), matthijs1(+9), alain en frank 1(+7), ton 1(+6), bob en cindy 1(-1), marc1(-2), emma1(-6), liselotte1(-8), charlotte1(-11), rhode(-5), safa(-6), roos(-7), alia(-15), thom(-24), gary(-30).

QF: eli39-frank19, sjaak43-laura42, matthijs59-hayatt48, jesse45-wilfred40.

SF: Sjaak38-eli36, matthijs40-jesse36.

F: Matthijs47-Sjaak46. Matthijs congratulations!!!

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