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Rifugio.nl becomes NRPGames.com

On November 1st 2018

NRPGames thus far produced 1 game: Rifugio. Of which over 5000 copies were sold! For more info, scroll down this page. In 2019 a new game is expected.. 


Rifugio Basic Game: New Edition (Now including 5th player material and the extensionset Rivers & Rafts!)

In the Basic Game you hike, with your wooden figure with backpack (!), through the mountain landscape in search of flowers, animals, waterfalls, passes and mountain peaks. Whoever visits most of these places and builds his/her Rifugio's (Italian for mountainhuts) strategically will win the game!

If you play the Rivers & Rafts extensionset, you add water. Of course you can not walk on water, but that's where the rafts come in! You'll notice that on a Raft you can move much faster and there's a maximum of 2 people on a raft. So you could also step onto someone else's raft and sail away with that Raft and person, in a direction he or she does not want to go.

AGE: 8+ DURATION: 60 MIN (with 2 people only 30 MIN!) PERSONS: 2-5

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Helicopter Extension Kit: New (Limited) Edition

Only play in combination with the RIFUGIO basic game. With this extensionset the game is again completely different. With a Helicopter you can fly from landing place to landing place. But be careful that someone else doesn't steal your Heli!

AGE: 8+ DURATION: 60 MIN (with 2 people only 30 MIN!) PERSONS: 2-5

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We regularly organize Rifugio tournaments and demos. More information?
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