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Menhirs dans le Brouillard (Menhirs in the Mist)


You start the game by building the landscape consisting of tiles with forest and tiles with Menhirs (very big stones). Then you cover all stones with fog. You each take turns moving the fog and the one to first clear all stones wins!

PLAYERS: 2    TIME: +/-20 MINUTES    AGE: 8+

Author Niels Pieterse: "Don't be scared by the French title. I created the game in France. So the title is a tribute to Brittany (in the north west of France). The rules (and there's only a few) are in Dutch, English, German and French."


Menhirs dans... what?

Big stones in the fog

Menhirs... Gamerules


Menhirs... Strategy

The popular Amsterdam way of playing Menhirs...

The big difference here is: 1) that you play with 5 Menhirs only, 2) there is a decision moment that can prolong the game, and 3) you can claim victory in your opponents turn. If you print the hand out of the rules below, you don't need any extra components to play the game :-)   PLAYERS: 2    TIME: +/-20 MINUTES     AGE: 10+


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