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RIFUGIO is a game by Niels Pieterse. Co-created by: The great help of designer Marc ter Horst. The substantive feedback from: Christian Beiersdorf, Judith Hofland and the Shoguns (Alain Dankers, Mark Hecker & Koen Pilgram). The productional feedback and support of: Barry van der Luit, Ton Pieterse & José Pieterse-Phase. The photos, moral support and general feedback from Nienke van Spreeuwel. And the magnificent website builder: Richard van der Meer. Thank you all very much !!

For questions, comments and fantastic ideas mail to info@nrpgames.com or fill out the contact form.

NRPGAMES / RIFUGIO. Lindenstraat 83hs. 1015 KW Amsterdam. (KVK 57331782)

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