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On this page you'll find:

1. Where and when there's a new tournament. This year mainly Menhirs Tournaments, but of course there's the RIFUGIO DUTCH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP  the 10th of NOVEMBER @ Spellenspektakel

2. the current Menhirs + Rifugio Ranking & the Rifugio Hall of Fame.

3. how to organize a tournament yourself

4. how to invite the author to organize your demo or tournament.

5. reports of  all tournaments. (only on the Dutch version of this website.)

To know exactly where we are, just check ou our CALENDAR  



Can't get enough and wanna play a Rifugio tournament more often? Organize your own! Read here how to do just that and how to get great prizes for the winner. Like an unique purple playset & Hi-King Card for the winner. To order the Tournament kit, just klick Order. If you have any questions; feel free to ask! Just send an email to or fill out the contactform (which you can find in the menu on top of this page) We're happy to help!

Also you could ask the author to come and host a tournament or demo of one of his games. Apart from game-info he can also tell you lots of things about how to produce games yourself. Just send a message via contact at this site. Price: € 40,- per hour, ex VAT and travel expenses. 


Non-Dutchies are very welcome! There's always someone to explain the rules in English. So please feel free to join. Everyone has a chance to play at least 2 games (game lasts +/- 20 minutes). After which the four best players play the final. And if you're thinking: I'm no way good enough to play a tournament.. Don't worry :-) Even if you've never played the game before, it's easy to learn and we love to explain. PARTICIPATION IS FREE, there are nice PRIZES to win. 

Only one offical Rifugio Tournaments this year and of course the Dutch National Championship at Spellenspektakel in november. So these are the only two moments to get listed in the RIFUGIO HALL OF FAME. Cause only the winners of an official tournament and the top 3 of the Dutch National Championship get listed here. 

RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT #29: Matthijs van Malta wins!

All reports on Dutch version of this website

Dutch version

Rifugio Tournament #27: Sjaak finishes 2018 in style!

All reports on the Dutch version of this website.

Dutch version

Local Tournament 4 & 5 in Groningen and Genk (Belgium)

All reports on Dutch version of this website.

Dutch version