RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 5: Winners of the first hour take revenge!

At the Vondelpark

# 5 - In't Vondelpark this time! After four tournaments with the same number of different winners, a number of players from the very beginning had now really decided to at least reach the final. And so it happened .. Round 1 was won by Femke Mennen at table 1, Nienke van Spreeuwel at table 2 and Alain Dankers at table 3. Round 2 was won by Niels Pieterse at table 1, Lennert Boots at table 2 and Nienke van Spreeuwel at table 3. And for a while it seemed to be a very short tournament. Because if Nienke also won the third pot, she was the winner anyway and if no one else succeeded in winning a second time, she would have won. But in round 3 Niels Pieterse won at table 1, Bob Feis at table 2 and Bas Bovelander at table 3. With the result that fortunately there was a final. With famous candidates: namely Nienke and Niels.

For the final the big version of the Rifugio game was pulled out and this game was finally won with 1 point difference by Niels. (The end of August will be the last of this first series of six tournaments, so keep an eye on the Facebook page of !!)