MENHIRS TOURNAMENT #6: 20 march café l'affiche

In the final Christian and Niels first match results in a tie. Then another match is played but this time with a timer...

Not that many contestants, gave us space to play some extra qualification rounds. The results:

Q1: Vera-Chris 11-0, Matthijs-Colin 11-0, Chris-Vera 11-0

Q2: Niels-Matthijs 6-0, Vera-Chris 9-0

Q3: Niels -Chris 11-0, Vera-Matthijs 0-0*

Q4: Niels-Vera 0-0*, Matthijs-Chris 0-0*

SF: Niels-Vera 11-0, Chris-Matthijs 11-0.

F: Niels-Chirs 0-0*, And with timer: Niels -Chirs 11-0.