National Championship RIFUGIO 2015

Great first National Championship Rifugio!

Great first NK Rifugio! Thanks to the always hospitable Goudse Spellendag! With a turnout of 20 participants, you absolutely can not complain. ;-)

In contrast to the classic tournaments, where you play a game with 3, 4 or 5 people, only one against one is played at the Dutch Championships.

First of all, two qualifying rounds were played. Seven participants both knew how to win pots and therefore qualified in any case. After that, all participants who had won one pot were looked at who had done it with the greatest force majeure. This determined the eight finalists. NB Six of them (Lianne, Matthijs, Denis, Sjaak, Nienke and Niels) had previously also participated in the 12 original tournaments in Amsterdam. But in addition, Jantine and Aniek also reached the finals!

In the quarter finals Nienke and Niels met each other (numbers 1 & 2 of the Amsterdam tournaments) and Niels won with 1 point. Matthijs also eliminated Denis, Aniek Lianne and Sjaak Jantine. In the semi-finals Niels beat Matthijs and Sjaak Aniek. And in the final finals, Niels won only 2 points from Sjaak.

And so the embarrassing situation arose that the author of the game won his own NK. Sja .. (it is the same author who writes this piece now) .. winning yourself is embarrassing. Perhaps it is better not to join the next time? But yes .. it is also just fun to play. And all this started as friends among themselves who battled with each other. Is not it a shame to suddenly stop participating? Fortunately, there is still, for the next NK at the door. Who knows, do we think of a trick for that?