RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 1: Nienke van Spreeuwel wins all!

First Rifugio tournament held at "De 2 Klaveren"

Games cafe the 2 Clubs held the first RIFUGIO tournament. Present were Vera Hoogstad, Bas Bovelander, Suluk Iken, Nienke van Spreeuwel and Niels Pieterse. Played was: 1x the basic set, 1 x Rivers & Rafts and 1 x Helicopter. The objective was, to win most matches. However, the tournament was soon over, because Nienke van Spreeuwel immediately won the first two matches. And so went home with the RIFUGIO t-shirt designed by Job Bovelander. NB also the third match, played for fun, was won by Nienke.