RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 2: Slightly embarrassing, designer wins own tournament.

Double the amount of players

On 8 Mar 2014, the second RIFUGIO tournament was held in Spellencafe de 2 Klaveren in Amsterdam. Present were: Vera Hoogstad, Lennert Boots, Suluk Iken, Barbara de Beer, Simon van der Geest, Nienke van Spreeuwel, Bas Bovelander, Jerry Bloem, Femke Mennen and Niels Pieterse. Played on two tables in ever changing composition: 1x the basic set, 1x Rivers & Rafts and 1x Helicopter. This resulted in 6 different winners! Namely: Barbara, Suluk, Nienke, Niels, Bas and Femke. In a very exciting final Niels won with 1 point from Nienke.