RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 3: Floortje Mennen wins postponed Final!

3 finalists this time!

3rd RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT (12-4-2014) has three finalists! 20 participants were there this time and there was played at 4 tables. The youngest participant was Eli (11 years old). The basic game delivered many famous faces as winners: Vera (won with one point ahead of number two Sjaak), Lennert (won with one point ahead of number two Lotte), Nienke (won with 20 points ahead of number two Ton) and Niels (won on Rifugio cards / and so with an equal number of points from number two Koen). The water version had a number of surprising winners. Eli (won with 4 points ahead of number two Niels). That is of course super cool !!! Floortje (won with one point of number two Lennert), Ton (won with 7 points ahead of number two Femke) and Nienke (won again and this time with 10 points ahead of number two Mark.) Because the first pot at one table was rather long had lasted (For next time a time limit is agreed) decided a number of participants because of other obligations no longer participate in the Helicopter round. This included Nienke, Vera, Lennert and Ton. And this made it clear that Nienke was in principle already entitled to a final place. And that Eli, Floortje and Niels also had a chance to win. In the last Helicopter version Floortje won (at table with Femke, Mark, Lianne and Eli) and Niels (at table with Dymphy, Ingeborg, Sjaak and Suluk). Floortje then had the choice: whether she wanted to play a final against Niels one by one, or against Nienke and Niels at a later time. The latter has become.

On April 25, the final was played with Nienke van Spreeuwel, Niels Pieterse (the winners of the first two tournaments) and Floortje Mennen. Where Nienke and Niels mainly tried to avoid each other's Rifugio's, Floortje had put those of her directly strategically. And so she managed to win with margin (!).