RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 4: Another new winner, Bas Bovelander!

Despite the warm weather a record number of participants.

RIFUGIO TOURNAMENT # 4 !! With a record number of participants despite the warm weather. There was played at no less than 5 tables! And in high speed! This time there was at least one experienced player per table. And the first round was won by: Bob Feis, Lianne Nijmeijer, Eli Zegwaard, Barbara de Beer and Bas Bovelander. The second round (the water version) was won by: again Lianne Nijmeijer, Suzanne Dekker, Sjaak Zegwaard, Annelies van Gent and again Bas Bovelander. This meant that if Lianne and Bas did not win again, they would be in the final anyway. And that those who had already won a game, still had a chance at such a place. But also that three prominent people (the winners of the t-shirts so far) were not in the finals !! The helicopter version was then won by: Niels Pieterse (by which Suzanne and Eli were unfortunately eliminated for the final), Nienke van Spreeuwel (by which Bob was eliminated for the final and Lianne iig could not immediately be declared the winner of the tournament), Sanne Smit (with a small difference from Sjaak, as a result of which he also saw his chance of a final place disappear) and Charlotte Hagenaars. NB one heli-pot took a little longer and that was immediately very exciting, because it was played by Annelies, Barbara and Bas. Profit for Bas would mean that he would become king of the day. Profit for one of the ladies would mean that they would claim a final place alongside Bas and Lianne. And the latter also happened, because Annelies won with 4 points from Bas, but Barbara again with 2 points from Annelies.

So the final final was played by Barbara, Lianne and Bas. A final that Bas managed to win with 2 points from Barbara .. In short: An exciting finale, well played and Bas ... congratulations !!